Dean of Year 12

Exam fortnight looming - from your Sons and Daughters

I sat with a couple of classes of Year 12 students this week and asked them what information they would like to pass on to their households to help everyone come through the next couple of examination weeks unscathed. The following is a list of thoughts and gentle suggestions from the students.

Dear Mum/ Dad/ Significant Adults in our lives,

The next two weeks are full of exams and study. We would like to pass on some of our thoughts about this time for you to consider:

1. There will be stress.

2. Can we stress that there will be stress?

3. If we are stressed, we might snap at you. Please forgive us.

4. Please let us put some things on the shopping list for exam treats.

5. Please fill the fridge with yummy food (some of it healthy and pre- prepared for us) that we can eat when we are at home studying for the day or at 11pm when you have gone to bed.

6. Don't nag us, we have a study plan and it will include breaks.

7. If we come out after three hours of study and sit with you for a while, please don't ask us if we have done enough study.

8. Please make us cups of tea/hot chocolate - especially in the cold evenings.

9. Ask us what time we need to be up in the morning and don't get us up too early.

10. Please relieve us of our chores while we are studying for exams.

11. Please excuse us from family functions during exams but we might need to phone a friend for commiseration. They know exactly what we are going through.

12. Please control the other siblings e.g. keep them quiet and away from us and get them to turn their music down.

13. Please don't interrupt our studies - we might be timing ourselves on a practice exam.

14. Please help us organise and clean our study space.

15. We are not our ATAR!!! We are trying our hardest.


Your Year Twelve Sons and Daughters

2013 University Course Guides distributed

On Wednesday this week, 2013 guides for each of the 5 Western Australian universities were made available to students. Anyone who did not collect them is invited to drop into the Careers office for collection. There are also University of Melbourne Course Guides for those who attended that information session.

Sarah Hammond
Dean of Year Twelve