Year 7 Transition

Father Kevin King Cup

Congratulations to the students for their enthusiastic and sporting participation in the range of track, field and novelty events during the recent Athletics' Carnival . Whilst there was a high level of participation from the Year 7s there was also healthy competition with noisy and colourful House support.


An important Life Skill is punctuality and to develop the student's positive attitudes to punctuality it is reinforced in the Homeroom and through the Pastoral Care support.

The College marks the daily START OF PERIOD TIME as 8:30am and this is important for Year 7s as they need the 5 minute "Move to Homeroom" time to access their lockers inside their Homerooms.

If you need to inform the Homeroom Teacher of an explanation for late arrival at school please note the blue pages at the back of the diary (p129) to record this information.

Your support of establishing a positive attitude to the importance of punctuality is appreciated.

Speak Up Awards

Earlier this term every student researched, prepared and presented a 4 minute talk on an inspirational person. The winner in each class presented at a Year 7 assembly.

Service Learning

It is difficult to put into words the quality, the variety and the commitment of our students to the Home component of the Year 7 Service Learning program. I received an email from a grateful member of our community expressing her appreciation of the help she received.

One of the year sevens,…, completed some community service in my … after school this term. I just wanted to let you know that she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She had beautiful manners, worked very hard and completed every job to a high standard and with a smile.

Thanks for the chance to work with a great kid. You would have been so proud of her!

All Year 7 classes are continuing to build their individual record of Service Learning. Classes are moving out into the community to serve by entertaining, making connections with the elderly, supporting early childhood learning. Such commendable community work is being done by the students.

On Thursday the 16th of August 7.3 and 7.4 went on an exciting trip to Cottesloe's Grant-Marine park to do some community service and help the environment. We were split into groups and each group had the opportunity to work with people from Coast-Care. Half of us went to the sand dunes and pulled out weeds. The other half stayed in the car park and helped mulch the plants that surrounded it. We learnt a lot about how we can help restore the environment back to the way it used to be. We also learnt that all the little things we do really do help our environment. We are very grateful for having the chance to help the local vegetation and community.

By Cecilia Starkstein and Emma Steinepreis

Important Dates

1. Thursday, 27 September, 3:30 to 5:00

Connecting student learning is an important aspect of contemporary learning.

You are invited to view the student's completed tasks. The student's task sheet states:

The visitors to this exhibition will expect to see a range of displays that will present personal, historical, artistic and cultural information. A special Open Afternoon will be held at John XXIII College, in the Osborne Room, on Thursday, 27 September, to display the presentations to our school community.

2. An informal parent meeting to investigate how to make the most out of SIMON will take place on Monday, 10 September at 3:30 - 5:00 in the Osborne Room. Tea and coffee will be served.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year 7