Congratulations to Concert Band and Wind Band and Ms Jennings for the most polished performance in many years at the ABODA Festival at Perth Modern School last weekend. The quality of the performance, attendance and behaviour was the best I have witnessed in years. Well done!!!

Chamber Choir Auditions for 2013 (Year 10 and above female students, and boys with changed voices) will be held on Friday 21 September commencing at 3:15 in the Music and Drama Demountable. Music and time slots will be available on the Music Office door from next Monday 27 August. Each auditionee needs to learn a set piece as part of an ensemble of 4 - Soprano, Alto , Tenor and Bass. Rehearsals for all those auditioning will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings: 18 and 19 September commencing at 7:30 am in the demountable.

Spring Soiree - Roncalli Hall - Sunday 9 September commencing at 7pm. Letters regarding details will be sent home this week.

Toni Strong
Music Coordinator