John XXIII Day

John XXIII Day saw the conclusion of yet another fabulous Founder's Time. In the past three weeks we have enjoyed reflecting on our Founders, sharing stories and completing a wide variety of activities on Pope John XXIII, Mary Ward and Ignatius Loyola. A significant change introduced during this Founder's Time was the introduction of a weekly Examen. Each Tuesday at 3.05pm the Chapel bell sounds and the College stops to pray the Ignatian Examen. This is a wonderful way to stop, reflect and discern in the tradition of our Jesuit Founders.

John XXIII Day is a great fundraising effort for the College with all funds helping various charities. This year the College raised a fabulous $9875! Thank you to the entire community for your wonderful help and support on John XXIII Day. The funds will now be divided to benefit three beneficiaries;

  1. Our Pilgrimage. In a few weeks three groups will venture on our annual Pilgrimage. We will take funds with us to assist Sr Trish and the Loreto Vietnam Organisation, Sr Parer and her work with the Indigenous community in Alice and the Loreto sisters at the Rainbow school in India.
  2. Father Pedro Walpole. Fr Pedro Walpole is a hydrologist and one of the foremost practitioners in sustainable environment and community land management in Southeast Asia. He leads the work of implementing watershed forest management programs with national organisations, local governments and rural communities throughout the Philippines. Pedro lives with the Pulangiyen, an upland indigenous community in Bendum (Mindanao) where he engages in focused peace-building activities.
  3. Sr Natalie Houlihan. As part of our gift to Sr Natalie Houlihan on the account of her final Profession into the Loreto Sisters we have allocated funds to give to a charity of Sr Natalie's choice on behalf of the College.

Thank you again to staff, students, parents and other community members which kindly helped us on John XXIII Day.

Silvana Vicoli
Faith and Justice Coordinator K-12