Environment Club

Care for the environment is an integral part of the Jesuit mission. John XXIII College has a commitment to strengthen the relationship of faith and gratitude for Creation, to encourage all of us to reconcile the way we live with the way we must care for our environment. The Environment Club meets every Thursday lunchtime in the Jesuit Science and Environment garden and provides an opportunity for students to become more involved in reconciliation with Creation.

Toxic chemicals are not used in the Jesuit Science and Environment Centre garden and students learn to use alternatives to grow vibrant, healthy plants.


One of the joys of teaching young people how to grow their own food is teaching them how to cook healthy, nutritious meals with the produce, this strengthens the connection between the way we live and the care for ourselves and our environment.

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Green tip: There's usually an organic alternative for any commercial chemical cleaning product. Avoiding toxic chemicals is better for the environment and most likely our health. Making your own 'green' household cleaners uses many ingredients you may already have in your cupboard, such as baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar, salt, borax and essential oils. Green household cleaners can be used to replace dishwashing detergents, oven cleaners, bleach, laundry detergents, carpet cleaners and window cleaners. For green cleaner recipes download the 'Green Cleaning Guide' found at: Why not print out the recipe page and stick it on the fridge?