From the Dean of Year 12

The College deadline for changing courses is rapidly approaching. Monday 27 February marks the final day for students to change into a new course (with the exception of a study line) as waiting any longer could jeopardise a student's ability to meet all course requirements.

There are now approximately 50 students who have taken the option of a study line instead of completing a full roster of 6 courses in Year 12. These students attend the library in their study periods and are conducting themselves in silent study in a specific area set aside for their use. I have visited groups of these students during the week and have been pleased by their ability to maintain focus and work very well. At this early stage in the year it is pleasing to see such a dedicated attitude - students have realised the benefit of completing some homework and study before heading home rather than wasting the time.

A very important notice for our high achieving students is that there are new Curriculum Council Academic awards for Year 12 students in 2012. The Certificate of Excellence has been replaced by the Certificate of Commendation which requires a student to have obtained 20 grades of A over the time of WACE accumulation. This is now a more difficult award to achieve, as previously it was an 18 x A grade requirement. The document "Awards and Exhibitions: Policy and guidelines 2012" may be downloaded from The John XXIII College school specific awards list will be sent home with students soon.

Ms Sarah Hammond
Dean of Year Twelve