This week our sustainability committee met for our first meeting of the year. All members are very enthusiastic to get John XXIII College off to a sustainable start. The main agenda items were centred on litter prevention strategies and our forthcoming sustainability conference in July 2012.

Clean up Australia Day

Next Friday, students from the College will participate in 'Clean up Australia Day'. The day will open with a visit from Captain Clean Up to the primary school. Captain Clean Up is an environmental superhero who will hopefully inspire our younger students to take care of their environment, through fun activities and song. After lunch on Friday our Year 10 students will join with 2,000 other schools from around Australia to clean up their school campus.

Lost & Found

It is recommended that all student belongings are clearly labelled so we can return lost items to their rightful owners. If a Secondary student has lost something e.g. sports shirts, shoes, pencil case, towel, lunch box etc, can you please remind them to check in the lost and found area in student reception? There is a large collection of lost items that need reclaiming before they go to a new home!

Lenten Carbon Fast

Are you thinking of trying something a little different this Lent as a form of sacrifice? Why not try our Lenten Carbon Fast. Get all your family involved and do your bit for sustainability. Please see attached

If you work in sustainability or can contribute some sustainable ideas or suggestions for the College please feel free to email me

Let's work together to make a noticeable improvement in the area of sustainability at John XXIII College.

Linda Kiernan
Sustainability Coordinator