The Importance of being at school and arriving on time

This week's article from Michael Grose reminds us of the importance of our children attending school every day and arriving on time. This article is worth reading as reminder of how important these two points are.

Raising Happy Siblings - Reduce sibling rivalry & build healthy family relationships

"STOP your arguing! I can't stand it any longer!"

If your kids constantly fight with each other, then don't despair. All that emotional energy isn't going to waste. According to a recent study sibling fights teach kids important conflict resolution skills. In fact, parents who stop their children from arguing may well be depriving them of important learning opportunities.

Spend a rare two hours with Australia's premier parenting educator Michael Grose, exploring the weird and wonderful world of sibling relationships. He'll help you develop an active approach to helping kids resolve fights where they learn valuable life skills (as well as some very useful schoolyard survival skills).

Michael guarantees that you'll learn, laugh and even love your kids more kids during this special evening.

Here are some of the things Michael will cover:

• The basics of birth order and its impact on you and your family's dynamics. (Tis' truly amazing!)
• The difference between healthy and unhealthy competition in family, and how to channel the healthy kind. (It's not all bad!)
• The right & the wrong ways to respond when kids fight and argue. (some responses undoubtedly stop fighting but increase rivalry.)
• When to interfere and when to leave kids to work things out themselves. (This is important and hard to figure out!)
• How to use family meetings as a teaching tool, and how to adapt them to suit your family situation. (Michael is a meeting fan, but knows they are not for everyone so he'll show you how to adapt meetings to suit your lifestyle.)
• Fantastic conflict resolution skills to teach kids that will stay for life. (Kids developed many of these skills naturally in the past, but have fewer chances in modern compromise-free homes.)
• Plenty more practical stuff such as how to respond when kids tell tales; why kids should do jobs in pairs and how to make first borns really feel like eldest kids.

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