From the Principal

There was much media coverage this week about the Gonski Report. This report was commissioned by the Federal Government to examine Funding Models for all schools in Australia. It is hard to determine from the report what the implications are for a College like John XXIII College. We are in a unique position of being a high SES (socio-economic score) community, but part of a group funded system of schools in WA. Our school attracts level 11 funding into the Catholic Education Commission but it is then redistributed as part of a "co-responsibility" strategy to help fund small, remote or disadvantaged schools. This arrangement has had significant mutual benefit to John XXIII College and the CEO. That is why John XXIII is often singled out for media attention when the newspaper wishes to highlight the high level of Federal Government funding going to well resourced schools like ours. I have attached a letter regarding how to access further information below.

The season of Lent commenced on Wednesday with Mass in the Primary School and Liturgies in the Secondary School. Lent will last for 40 days and conclude with the Easter Vigil. It is a time during which we are asked to live more simply, be more prayerful, to seek reconciliation with God and others and to seek justice through the sharing of our resources. There are ample opportunities for Lenten practices to be integrated into modern family life without it being experienced as "less" which is how I remember Lent from my childhood. As always God wants "more" for us during this Lent - more prayer, peace and justice. These themes will be explained during RE, Liturgy; provision of opportunities for Christian Service and support of Project Compassion.

Last night at the Year 9 Information Night, our Digital Learning Coordinator spoke of the very exciting role out of iPads to our Year 9 Classes. Parents may access a 'Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) sheet on the issue of iPads by following the link below. The iPad provides extraordinary opportunities to enrich classroom learning, brings the world to them and lets young minds collaborate in creative ways. There are also pitfalls to which we must all remain vigilant and many of these will be addressed at the Digital Citizenship Seminars which will be hosted by the College in Week 7 of each Term.

I received a phone call from the Management of Graylands Hospital during the week. I have been asked to remind our parent community of the need to be respectful of the "private property" status of the Hospital and not park in their grounds. They also brought my attention to the fact they are an "overflow" car park for staff from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital during a building project. Until October, about 700-800 extra cars are parked on the Graylands site. The peak movements for staff are between 7 - 9am and 3 - 5pm. At this time shuttle buses and significant vehicle movement is taking place in the hospital roads and in car parks. Students who cycle or walk through the Hospital grounds should exercise extreme vigilance

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest are called from from parents interested in contributing their time and talent to the sub committees of the College Council;

  • Finance and Risk
  • Property and Planning

Parents should address their interest to the Chair of Council, Ms Mary Woodford, John XXIII College, Po Box 266 Mt Claremont; or email to:

Together let us seek Justice

Anne Fry

Congratulations to Madeline Pearce (Class of 2011) who received an offer of scholarship under the Curtin Principals Recommendation Award.

National Catholic Education Commission response to the Gonski report

iPad Program FAQ