Careers Counsellor

New Food Industry Management major

A new Commerce major in Food Industry Management (FIM) is now available through Curtin Business School, and will equip students to work in the international food industry. Not be confused with hospitality, FIM graduates can pursue careers in fields as diverse as purchasing and procurement, food chain management, commodity trading and export, and food marketing. The course is the only one of its kind in Australia. Future Students can contact the Future Students Centre by email at or call on 9266 1000.

Interested in Astronomy?

Don't miss all the wonder and excitement of the skies at Perth's premier astronomy and science festival, to be held at Curtin Stadium on Saturday 31 March. With activities, displays, special guests and telescopes of all shapes and sizes, Astrofest 2012 is sure to get people of all ages and backgrounds switched on to astronomy and science.

Connect to Studentbox

Year 11 and 12 students can sign up to Curtin University's Studentbox.

Once registered, students can gain access to past WACE exams, study tips, the ATAR calculator, forums and information that will help students move from school onto university.

Exit Plan

Over the next week or two Year 12 students will be asked to complete a one page Exit Plan. Discuss your child's plan with him or her and encourage those who have vague plans to see me so that we can work together on developing clear goals and action steps.

Throughout the school day teachers, year coordinators' and other staff make known to students what opportunities are available for them. I am always happy to assist any student and if I don't know the answer I will find out for the student.

Margi Watson
Career Counsellor
Part-time Monday-Wednesday line 9383 0472