Year 7-9 Water Polo

The Champion Schools Junior Water Polo competition (Yr 7-9) was conducted at Challenge Stadium on Wednesday 21st November. The competition comprised of Independent, Catholic and Government schools in Perth having 6 girls and 10 boys teams. The John XXIII Girls team were crowned Champions (only conceding 1 goal all day) and the boys came a gallant runners up to a very strong CBC Fremantle A Team in the Final.

Team members were;


Year 9

Year 7

Charlotte Court, Rebecca Liddle, Natasha Liddle, Jess
Bowles, Azlyn Gow, Ruby Meegan, Abbey Vlahov

Maeve Lynch, Sian Munks, Niahm Brogan, Josie Burnage,
Riley Davidson


Year 9

Year 8

Year 7

Matt Ellis, Adam Thomson, Tom Powell, Sam Arredondo-
Perez, Ben Marsh

Henry Rowbottom, Ollie Butler, Conor Wallwork,
Liam Kellet

Lachlan O'Callaghlan, Josh Powell

Many thanks to the supporters who attended during the day and to Mr Davis Maxwell and Cameron Haines for coaching.