Media Club

The Media Club has been exceptionally busy this week and the College community will see the fruits of their work on 28 November at Presentation Night. Year 8 students Luis Santos and Sophie Minissale composed music for the AV. Anouk Ratnawibhushana, Year 10, Tim Bonser and Daniel Paparo, Year 9, and Thomas Paparo, Year 7, have worked consistently on all the keynote and filming. Year 11 student, William Paparo, in between examinations, including one WACE examination, has put in hours to source and scan archival footage for the AV. We can be very proud of the noticeable difference the commitment of our students makes to our College.

Mock Trials

Our Mock Trials coach, who has been a stalwart for our team over the last five years, is going on long service leave next year, 2013. It would be wonderful if another legal member of the John XXlll College community was able to coach our team in 2013. This involves coaching the team in legalities before school in the weeks leading up to trial, helping the students to understand their case and prepare the barristers. If any member of our College community would be interested in taking on this role, which is a thoroughly enjoyable one as you work with our beautiful Mock Trials students, please contact me.

Summer Design at UWA

This is a reminder to all Year 11 parents that the Design Studio is a brilliant opportunity for our Year 11 students to be involved in an extension program at UWA. It is particularly engaging for anyone considering any sort of design career. However, all my students who have done this over the years have simply been thrilled by the challenge.

UWA Summer Design School

Cultural Decoding Brochure

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator