Getting to Wellbeing

"The time has come for a new prosperity, one that takes flourishing seriously as the goal of education and of parenting. Learning to value and attain flourishing must start early - in the formative years of schooling - and it is this new prosperity, kindled by positive education that the world can now choose."
Professor Martin Seligman (Flourish, 2011, p.97)

Certainly our College community sets as a high priority the teaching of skills that lead to increased resilience, wellbeing and engagement as highlighted in Martin Seligman's work. In upcoming newsletters we would like to share with the wider community the initiatives and approaches in place across the College to assist our young people's sense of flow and wellbeing. These are just some of the initiatives or approaches in place:

  • WWW- What Went Well Today in Primary;
  • Resilience training and workshops in Secondary;
  • The Rite Journey in Year 9;
  • Secondary House program- Inter house competitions, house identity and engagement;
  • Parent Association- 'Inspire' program of expert speakers and
  • the Ignatian virtue of 'Competence'.

This week's newsletter focus is the 'Rite Journey'. Those of you who have girls and boys in Year 9 would be aware of the program being undertaken in this group for the year. The aims of the Rite Journey (TRJ) draw on the skills necessary for healthy development and wellbeing. TRJ aims to offer a structured rite of passage for adolescents; one that acknowledges and develops the holistic nature of young people guided by mentors; celebrates the physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of students throughout the year; nurtures self-esteem and teaches gratitude and engagement as something that brings greater joy and growth to our lives.

TRJ has embedded in its program a number of 'challenge' moments. These challenges build from the very minor and small to those that are far more detailed, difficult and responsible. Already various TRJ groups have undertaken what we would consider minor challenges in the form of learning to juggle, changing a flat tyre, cooking a basic meal and checking the oil-water in a car's system; however, even these tasks can take people out of a comfort zone and challenge them.

Catholic Man Breakfast

Earlier this term a group of Year 11 and 12 boys joined Mr Downie and Mr Watson in attending the Catholic Man Breakfast. The Catholic Man Breakfast series is an ongoing series featuring multimedia, table talk, inspirational Catholic guest speakers and, of course, a great breakfast. The purpose is to bring Catholic men together from business, political and church sectors, Catholic agencies, teachers and students from Catholic schools and Notre Dame University.

The guest speaker was Justin Langer, Member of the Order of Australia, former test Cricketer and current Western Warriors coach. Justin spoke to the gathered audience about his life journey and the way in which his faith has inspired him and assisted his resilience.

Some of the Year 11 and 12 students who attended the Catholic Man Breakfast

Andrew Watson
College Deputy Principal K-12