Shane Glass - Head of Languages

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We bid our Fujimi Exchange staff and students a sad ‘sayoonara’ and a big ‘arigatoo gozaimashita’. Over the past two weeks it has been a delight to have students from Fujimi at our College sharing our grounds, classes and lifestyle.

The Fujimi staff and students have been blessed by good weather and enjoyed excursions this week to Caverhsam Wildlife Park, the Swan Valley for supa golf and to Fremantle. On Monday afternoon, the group were introduced to aspects of Aboriginal culture and shown how to make a small flint axe out of eucalyptus resin, kangaroo dung and charcoal. Then Mr Rob Deurloo gave the group a fine demonstration of boomerang throwing. Thanks to Ms Kiri Moore for helping the group decorate their hand-made boomerangs using local Australian symbols. A highlight for our Fujimi students was integration with the Year 6 classes with Ms Helen Aghdasi and integration with the Year 2 classes with Ms Elena Rowson. On Friday, the Fujimi students participated in the opening ceremony of the Athletics by performing their “Matsuri Odori” (Festival Dance).

We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who have supported us in so many ways to make this a successful international exchange. A special thank you to Mr Henderson and all the administrative staff, Mr Doug Watson and the maintenance team, Ms Catherine Wood for her lovely photos and DVD, Ms Ruth O’Donnell and Michael our bus driver, and all the teachers who have provided a range of activities to engage our visitors in our Aussie life.

The most significant contribution to our Fujimi International Exchange is the warm and generous hospitality afforded by our host families. To each member of our kind host families we express our heartfelt thanks. The Fujimi students’ special messages to you all include these direct quotes:

“Thank you for speaking slowly”
“Thank you for being so kind to me”
“Thank you for taking me to so many places and playing soccer with me every day”
“I really enjoyed going to the park and making sushi with you”
“I loved everything, especially my host mother’s yummy food and my host father being so funny”
“Thank you for teaching me a lot of English words"
“You took such good care of me when I felt sick, thank you”
“Thank you for making special lunch and dinner for me everyday”
“Thank you everyone for everything”
“Thank you for telling me a lot of things about Australia”

Finally, but very importantly, a big thanks to Ms Glen James for always being there to help, guide and support at every moment.