Young Vinnies Christmas Gift Appeal 2013

Our Young Vinnies Christmas Gift Appeal assists people and families in need who, without support, may not experience all that Christmas has to offer. This year Young Vinnies are asking for donations of gifts rather than food so that those in need get to enjoy unwrapping presents. Vinnies already takes care of their nutritional needs through specially designed hampers that are distributed before the big day.

JTC Collection Times: Week 6 and 7 - Monday 25th November until Friday 6th December.

Donation Allocations:

Year Level
Kindy and Pre-Primary
Year 1 and 2
Year 3 and 4
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7 - 10
Girls 1-4 years old
Girls 5-7 years old
Girls 8-10 years old
Girls 11-12 years old
Adult women
Girls 13-17 years old
Boys 1-4 years old
Boys 5-7 years old
Boys 8-10 years old
Boys 11-12 years old
Adult men
Boys 13-17 years old

**Please bring all donations unwrapped**

Donations will be collected in the Primary classrooms. Secondary students can bring their donations to the library during Homeroom.

Possible Gift Suggestions for children and teenagers
Plush toys, rattles, clothes, building blocks, books, DVDs, board games, sporting equipment, movie tickets and gift vouchers.

We find it particularly difficult to get presents for men and teenage boys. Toiletry packs, clothing, thongs (sizes 8-12), socks, backpacks/bags and gift vouchers make good presents.

Toiletry packs, clothing or clothing vouchers, shoes, bags and gift vouchers make good gifts for women

Thank-you in advance for your support.

Tamara Weston, Caroline Watson and Lisa Monastra