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Community Mass recommences next Friday (30th August) with a special blessing for dads in Secondary, (those who are not attending the Primary Father's Day Mass at 9:00).

Community Mass

8.00-8.30AM At the Chapel. Fridays in term time.


Why a Community Mass?

Community Mass is a joyous and friendly occasion where secondary and primary students, parents, staff and friends meet together to celebrate the Eucharist, with singling led by the Gospel Choir. Attendance is optional - and warmly encouraged.

Do I have to be a practising Catholic to attend?

No not at all - everyone is welcome.

What if I don't know the responses?

It is a 'user-friendly' Mass - with key responses on the screen.

Why are the Sunday readings used?

Scripture is a rich resource for us, people of God, and many people find that hearing the readings repeated helps to more deeply understand them. Also, the Sunday readings follow a semi-continuous sequence through one of the gospels - this year, the gospel of Luke.

I go to church in my parish on Sunday…

Coming together on Sunday (or Saturday evening) for publish worship in the Parish Community is one of the most important ways we honour the Lord, and honour those on our faith journey with us. Some people see the College Community Mass as a preparation for their weekend parish Mass. Singing and praying in a close community builds joy and faith, and people feel enlivened to share these gifts in their respective parishes.

I am not sure what time the weekend Masses are in my parish…

The Perth Catholic website has a drop-down list of parishes by suburb.

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Sacramental program

This year, the Family-focused, Parish-based, Catholic school-supported Sacramental Program has been a team effort of families, parishes and class teachers. Many students in years 3, 4 and 6 have now celebrated First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. We are looking forward to the following celebration of sacraments: September - Confirmation at Claremont and Nedlands; First Reconciliation and Holy Communion at Subiaco. November - First Reconciliation at Nedlands. If you have any questions about the sacramental program, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: