Year 7 Transition

Year 7 Camp

The camp is now a happy memory of students experiencing good times, facing personal challenges whilst being supported by peers and setting goals to push forward to. Luckily the rainy periods did not dampen our spirits or interfere with the program. The students are to be commended for their commitment to teamwork, leadership and readiness to build and strengthen relationships.

Students have written to group leaders with lovely messages of appreciation. Some of their comments include:

' …taught me many new things that I think will help me live a full life. I learned about leadership and teamwork. I also learned a bit about myself that if I set my mind to something I can do it!'

'I was privileged to be in a group on camp…'

'We all enjoyed it and had heaps of fun. Even though the clouds blocked the sun Woodman Point is the coolest joint.'

Many thanks to the dedicated group of John XXIII teachers and support staff who joined camp to support all of our students. Thank you to: Tim Bottrell, Sara Ferguson, Tony Yates, Simone Preedy, Michelle Myers, Luke McCourt, Lyn Alexander, Dirk Gleghorn, Nic Hastings-James, Courtney Cochrane, Patsy Ahern, Maree Leggatt, Father Gaetan, Lorraine Holmes, Peter Samuel and Sue Benson

Climbing walls
Vertical challenges Team building
Team building People supporting people
Mass on the beach with Father Gaetan

Personal Grooming

The students must be proud of the many comments made about their smart appearance. Thank you for your support in encouraging the students to wear the uniform with pride. This week we have had a focus on top buttons being done up and young men having shirts tucked in.

Next week, where needed, we will have lessons on best ways to tie a tie!

Three Way Interviews

Congratulations to our students for their thorough preparation and confident presentation of their Three Way Interviews. The teachers and support staff will look forward to assisting all students as they plan to achieve their goals.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year Seven