NAIDOC Celebrations

Tuesday 3rd July

Smoking Ceremony

8:00am, Rugby Oval

An ancient and timeless ceremony that heals and purifies the participants and the area. In a smoking ceremony, leaves are smouldered on a small fire. The smoke covers the participants' bodies, ridding them of what is not needed, and strengthening them when they feel sad or weak. Nyungar elders Sandra Harben & Len Collard will lead us in this ceremony and all students, parents and staff are warmly invited.

Smoking Ceremony: Precautions for students with Asthma
8:00am on the Rugby Oval. Attendance optional.

There will NOT be a Smoking Ceremony at the 9:00 Liturgy/Welcome to Country.

- Ensure your son/daughter brings their puffer/spacer to school on 3rd July
- Students should administer their puffer prior to the smoking ceremony
- Students should bring their puffer/spacer with them to the ceremony on the oval
- As smoke may trigger an attack, Asthma sufferers need to think carefully before attending
- If student is unwell with asthma on July 3rd, they must not attend the ceremony at 8:00am
- Students should not attend the ceremony if parents are concerned about their child's asthma condition/possible complications.

Liturgy including Welcome to Country

9:00am, Chapel Lawn (all Secondary students)

A welcome to country ceremony is a traditional Aboriginal blessing, symbolising the traditional owners' consent to an event taking place on their land.

Bush Barbecue & Fundraiser for Jarjum School

Lunch time, Pavilion