Media Club

JTV Media has been working hard to get the Daily Notices up live for Wednesday mornings. Students are working on introducing creative elements to their production as well as finessing their readings skills. There are plans now to work on a short film festival and also a feature film. All John XXlll College secondary students are welcome to join the Club. Any interested students are welcome to come to the weekly meeting in the Library on Wednesday at lunch time or alternatively can pop in to see me in my office.

Media Club Competition

All College students are invited to enter a Media Club competition. Students are invited to submit a brief plot summary (overview) for a feature film. The submission must include a list of characters and plot overview of no more than 200 words. The setting is John XXlll College, contemporary and can be any genre. There will be a prize for the winner who will then receive credit as their work is developed into a script for a film. Entries close 3 July. Students can email their submissions to:

Astronomy Club

Dr Buzz Aldrin
This week sees Year 11 students Alasdair Cowie, Jacob Donovan, Patrick Liddle and William Paparo in Carnarvon to meet Dr Buzz Aldrin and attend his presentation. Our students are understandably excited at the unique prospect of meeting an astronaut who walked on the Moon. They will also be vising Gingin on their way to Carnarvon and touring the space facilities in Carnarvon as part of the weekend Moon and Back Festival. Western Australia has played a key role in space exploration over the years. Together with students from all over the state, our students will attend lectures about the space program. Media Club member William Paparo will be documenting their trip and we look forward to an informative presentation from the students when they return to Perth.

Mock Trials

Teams Compassion and Conscience go to trial in the Supreme Court next week in the final round of trials before semi-finals. We wish them luck. All the students have worked hard on achieving excellent results this year. John XXlll College is one of the few schools in the competition that includes students from years 10 to 12 in the teams. This enables less experienced students to be mentored by the senior members of their team and to grow in confidence.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club will meet every Friday at lunch time in Xavier 10. The weekly question is published in the Daily Notices. All students from year 7 to 12 are welcome.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator