Year 8 News

Flybz Visits John XXIII College

Gemma Wooltorton - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 8


On Wednesday 20 May the College was once again very privileged to witness the magic of Flybz! Flybz is a rapping duo with members consisting of GStorm and Fablice. Through the incursion, we were taught the heartfelt stories of the two young men and how they all came about. They were both born in Burundi, Kenya and were both refugees who met at the same refugee camp. Fablice went on to tell us at only age 11, a group of soldiers came into their classroom handed the tallest boys loaded guns transforming them into child soldiers. The boys went onto explain the gut wrenching turn of events in which took place before, during and after their military experience which had the entire grade in complete and utter silence. They were both extremely lucky as they both escaped the military and entered a boarded refugee camp. The duo began experimenting rap music in the war-torn environment which was how 'Flybyz' came about. Luckily, as the living conditions worsened in Burundi, they were accepted to become refugees in Australia, which they saw as a sign from God.

We were so very privileged to hear their journey first hand, as in the modern day society the understanding of refugees and what they witness is not something we get to experience. Through music, strong faith and will power, the duo have become unstoppable.
We walked away from our time with Flybz with new knowledge and understandings of refugees, as well as some fond memories of seeing all our peers and teachers dance like there was no tomorrow.
Multiculturalism seems to be a difficult and challenging topic to fully understand yet the boys energetic performances were a creative way of teaching.
My personal learning journey and our encounters with Flybz is one I will certainly remember and cherish for a very long time!

Imogen Hooke, Year 8 Koolyangarra

Flybz came to our school on the 20th of May. They were two men that shared their life stories about growing up in Burundi, Africa. They have created raps about their lives and made remixes of other songs and all of their work has been a huge success! Also, they have rapped with the famous Paul Kelly, a song about Child Soldiers, this was written from their experiences. This song has been a huge success. Music videos, rapping, stories and dancing, was all put together to make a really fun and entertaining presentation to our school!

Rosie McGurk, Year 8 Campion

flybz-2.jpg flybz-3.jpg

Thanks Mr Downie for coordinating this incursion. The Year 8s are very appreciative of having been invited to participate in a fantastic day.