Are you seeking First Reconciliation, First Communion or Confirmation for your child?

"Your unique and indispensable role in your child's Catholic Christian formation is one that both school and parish endorse and support. It is your privilege and responsibility, which follows from your commitment when your child was baptised, to present your child for the sacraments."

John XXIII College prepares children for the various sacraments during the course of this year's religious education programs: Year 3 - Reconciliation, Year 4 - Eucharist, Year 6 - Confirmation. Your family celebrates that sacrament in your home parish, the parish community in which you regularly participate.

If you would like further information on the Sacrament program, please contact: Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison


This Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost, a number of students will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in their parishes. This is a special moment for students and their families within their Parish community, and the College joins in praying for you and with you.

Next week we will publish the names of those students confirmed this Weekend.

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I have a daughter/son in Secondary who has not been confirmed. Who should I contact?
This frequently occurs when students transfer from overseas or from state schools. In the first instance, contact your parish priest or parish administrator. However if in doubt, email Mary-Anne Lumley (see below).

I know the dates in my parish - shall we just turn up on the day?
No, every parish has an enrolment process that needs to be completed in advance. Contact your parish priest or administrator to enrol.

I would like some further information; who can I ask?
Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison -

Is your parish one of the following?
The following information may assist you.

For enrolment forms please download from this link:
Further information please contact Michelle Rapkoch at: or 0405 556 026.

First Communion - Sunday 7 June, 9:30am
Confirmation - Friday 4 September, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October, 3:30-4:30pm.
Contact - Silvia Kinder -

First Communion -
Mosman Park: Saturday 6 June - 5 :30pm
Cottesloe : Sunday 28 June - 10:00am
First Communion -
Cottesloe : Sunday 14 June - 10:00am
Mosman Park: Saturday 20 June - 5 :30pm
To enrol your child please access the enrolment form from College website or Contact:

First Communion - 27 & 28 June, 9:30am
Confirmation - 13 & 14 June, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Wednesday 17 June, 4:00-5:00pm.
Contact - Prue Pupazzoni - or 9387 1158

To enrol your child, please see information on Parish noticeboards or Parish website: Contact: or 9386 1870

Contact - Bart Welten - or 9381 0400


"The Lord Jesus was taken into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God…" (Mark 16:15-20)

The following is taken from Fr Richard Leonard's homily on this Sunday's gospel and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.

Recently I considered buying a Bose 'sound wave' speaker system. For a small box it gave the best sound reproduction I have ever heard. In comparison to the hi-fi I presently have, its bass notes are strong and true, which gives the music a sense of presence, a foundation upon which the treble rises and falls as the music dictates. This machine allows an exceptional clarity to the sound, so that the composer's work can be properly heard.

In the Acts of the Apostles today we are told that the crowd who heard the earliest disciples of Jesus understood them in his or her own language. Now that's clarity! It wasn't so much the gift of tongues the earliest disciples received as much as their hearers received the gift of ears, of listening.

When it comes to listening in the Church today, some people mistake mono for stereo, uniformity for unity. At the first Pentecost, the earliest Christians had no such difficulty; they knew that speaking the same language was not as important as was careful listening to one another.

The early Church was a very complex and diverse community. Like today they had their struggles with one another. Within a few years of the first Pentecost, there were fights between Peter and Paul over Jewish and Gentile converts. There were people who died for the faith and others who betrayed them to the authorities. Some Christians thought they were for Paul or Apollos rather than for Jesus, and still others thought the end of the world was nigh. Through it all, however, the bass notes played: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Second Vatican Council helped us recover the most ancient tradition in our faith, that in various, unexpected and inculturated ways the Word of God has been present in all peoples, in every culture. We now hold that whenever the Gospel has been proclaimed in a new land, it complements the best in that culture as well as correcting aspects of any culture which oppress, demean and diminish the women and men within it.

In this process, what is born between Christ and an individual culture is an inculturated faith, which takes as seriously as the early Church did the context in which our faith is proclaimed and lived.

Pentecost faith holds that while we build our faith on that of all the believers who have gone before us, we have the responsibility to listen to our contemporary culture and put it into conversation with the Gospel. That's why courage is one of the Holy Spirit's pre-eminent gifts. We are not allowed to retreat from the world but are sent out to enter into conversation with it, and hear in this dialogue the symphony God is composing here and now between the treble of our daily life over the continuing bass line of Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Let's pray that this Pentecost Eucharist hones our ears as well as prepares our tongues to clearly receive and proclaim the Gospel of Christ in the market places of our own day and age.


No Community Mass next Friday, as it is a pupil-free day.

Friday 5 June is World Environment Day and our Sustainability captain, Ruby Meegan, is organising some of her Eco-warriors to prepare our celebration of the Eucharist for that day.

Our College community celebrates the Eucharist each Friday morning in term time, and everyone is always welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Where: Chapel

Time: 8:000am - 8:30am

When: Fridays in term time.