Humanities and Social Sciences

Mock Trials

Congratulations to our Mock Trial team that had a narrow win over Sacred Heart in Round 2 of the competition, held at the Supreme Court on Tuesday night. Our students put up a great 'dog' fight in the Civil Case of a Dog attack. The team was made up of some "old" and "new" members who enthusiastically attended early morning and lunch meetings in preparation of the case. The team was as follows:

Barrister 1: Alex King

Barrister 2: Ciara Nalty

Solicitor: Tom Paparo

Witness 1: Daniel Paparo

Witness 2: Ned Rowsthorn

Court Orderly: Ben Myburgh last minute replacement for Carlotta Carotenuto

A thank you to Ms Daisy Farley (Pre-service teacher) for coming along to our meetings to offer 'expert advice'.

Many thanks also to family members and students ( Alex Crouch, David Stokes, Jackson Collins and Edzelle Abrio) who came along on the night to offer support.

The next round will be held in late June.

Rita de Faria and Jim Fitzpatrick