International Women's Day

A total of twelve Year 11 and Year 12 girls celebrated International Women's Day with 816 women at the Hyatt Regency on Friday, 8 March.

During lunch the girls listened to four inspirational WA women: Capt Wendy Malcolm from the Australian Navy; Denise Goldsworthy from Rio Tinto; Ambelin Kwaymullina, an author, artist and lecturer; and Prof. Carmen Lawrence a UWA Social Studies lecturer. The speakers shared their stories on their career progression, personal and professional aspirations, motivations and challenges. The speakers had diverse backgrounds and unique career journeys. There were some significant themes, including: the importance of equality for women in all fields of work; taking every career development opportunity; persistence paying off; and the importance of working to support each other as women.

The girls who attended were:

Year 11

Eleanor Weber 11K, Michelle Gopfert Espinosa 11W, Katie Paul 11W, Tracey Engelbrecht 11L, Madeline James 11StL, Hannah Cadlolol 11K

Year 12

Stephanie Liddelow 12LR, Sophie Monisso 12LR, Emily Hackett 12W, Sarah Koios 12LY, Lara Glanz 12L, Lisa Ohta 12StL

Margi Watson
Career Counsellor.

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