Year 12 Biology Excursion

The Year 12 Stage 3 Biological Science students were fortunate to attend an excursion at the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre where they took part in a range of activities focusing on fisheries science and the aquatic environment. The programs that the students were involved in were based on current scientific methodology and data collection and are supported by the Department of Fisheries research Division.

The activities the students were involved in were "Fishing for Sustainability", "Aquatic Biosecurity" and the "Science of Sampling". In these programs the students tried their hands at "dry fishing" to observe the effects of fishing pressures on fish stocks, and how management and science play a role in conservation. With the Aquatic Biosecurity, students undertook their own sampling and observations of sponges, algae, brittle stars, mussels and other small marine organisms at the jetty pylons in Hillaries Marina, as well as being exposed to samples of alien aquatic organisms.

Finally the Science of Sampling saw the students weighing and measuring "abalone', counting the number of rings in a fish's ear bone and sampling for juvenile stages of western rock lobsters.

Dr Amanda Webb