In our third week of term things have been busy. I am organising meetings with the Art Gallery of Western Australia to finesse details for the Primary Philosothon later in the year. We are also organising a week with Ivo Burum whom some might remember ran a workshop at the College last year for Magis media students. We hope to have Ivo at the College for two days and also run a PD for staff. The year is getting busy in other areas. The Australia Philosophy in Schools Association has its first committee meeting at the beginning of March. There is a lot of interest in primary programs and thus in what we plan to do here at our College. Furthermore the 2014 Mandorla Art Award will be launched on 6 March, and having judged the award last year I am now on that committee.

Mock Trials

The first case for Mock Trials is up on the WA Law Society web-site. Members of the College team Compassion need to download both the case and the manual for a meeting at 7.30am on Tuesday 26 February in X10. It is very important all members of the team attend the morning meetings. Students who are unable to attend need to contact me or they risk losing their place on the team. Obviously our new team members will not have a clear idea of how the competition runs, so they need to attend all meetings to become familiar with the trial process. Meetings will also be organised for lunch time once we know which side of the case we represent.

Media Club

Media Club is very busy at the moment. Members are initiating a new format to their weekly JTV production that requires filming after school on Friday afternoon. Members meet to film in GBLT and it is important students get there as soon as they can. We also meet weekly at lunch time on Wednesday in GBLT. This is important planning time and students who want to participate in filming on Friday must attend on Wednesday or give their apologies.

Media Club students also did a lot of work at the Swimming Carnival, documenting the day. This film will be presented as a part of their new JTV production. Media Club students have also worked on the AV presentation for the formal opening of the new St Louis Sports Centre this week. The Media Club has been asked by the Alumni to help with events later in the year at the College and students will be able to produce AV presentations for this. We are very happy that we have many new members and look forward to seeing them learn new skills and become active participants in all our productions.


Young Journalist Award

Australian Catholics magazine, in conjunction with Australian Catholic University, is proud to bring you the 2013 Young Journalist Award.

Write a story on someone inspiring in your community and you could win great prizes for yourself and your school.

Do you know someone with a story to share? By doing some research, conducting an interview, and writing a story you can help make a difference.

Visit our Young Journalist Award page for more details.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is now meeting weekly at lunchtime on Wednesday in the Colloquium. All students are welcome.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator