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MEDICATION: If a parent requests the nurse administer medication to their child, they must complete a Medication Request Form, this is available from the nurse. The medication must be in its original container or packaging and clearly labelled with the following: Name of medication expiry date

Childs name dose and time to be given

  • If a student is required to carry and self-administer medication while at school, only a single measured dose for one school day can brought onto the College premises. Medication must be carried on the student or locked in that student's locker.
  • Students with asthma should carry their reliever medication with them at all times.
  • Students who have anaphylaxis are advised to carry their Epipens with them at all times.
  • Students who have documented anaphylaxis and are involved in after school activities eg, sport, drama etc, must carry their Epipens with them.
  • Students who have other medical conditions requiring medication or treatment and are involved in after school activities, eg, sport, drama etc must ensure they have their medication/treatment with them at all times.

HEAD LICE: As a preventative measure could parents please check their child/ren's hair regularly for head lice. Please inform class teacher or nurse if your child has head lice. For information about head lice, go to

Jenny Hill
College Nurse