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At the beginning of the Term Two holidays, four Year 11 debating students travelled to Loyola Senior High School, Mt Druitt, New South Wales, for the annual Jesuit Debating Carnival. The Jesuit Debating Carnival is a friendly competition between Jesuit and partner Jesuit schools with the aim of fostering a high level of debating, team spirit, understanding of Jesuit culture and the creation of lifelong friendships with like minded students. This year the participating schools were; St Aloysius Milsons Point, St Ignatius College Athelstone, St Ignatius Riverview, Loyola College Watsonia, Xavier Catholic College Hervey Bay, Xavier College Kew, Loyola Senior High School Mount Druitt and John XXIII College.

The carnival was held over three days consisting of three rounds of impromptu debates and then finals. The topics all had ideas relating to societal ideas and problem with an uniquely Jesuit viewpoint. They ranged from 'Privacy is an illusion' to 'Australia doesn't embrace multiculturalism' to 'Schools rely to much on technology' to 'We should regulate artwork'. The grand finals climaxed with the topic 'that Jesuit education is primarily focused on the quest for knowledge', which really stirred up much thought in everyone.

The John XXIII College team, consisting of Captain Thomas Paparo, Jessica Low, Anastasia Beasley, David Stokes and coach, Ms Wooltorton, have debated throughout Secondary and spent many hours training for the very unique carnival which showed in their performance. Although not coming first at the carnival, the team and all teams were winners. They all gained so much knowledge, experience debating and made many friendships that will last time. The team would not be what they were if not for the help, guidance, coaching and organisation of Dr Pedersen, Ms Wooltorton, Mr Lloyd, William Paparo and the rest of the College Community. We also extend our great thanks to Loyola, Mt Druitt for hosting and organising such an amazing carnival. We look forward to next year's carnival with a new team and new faces, to be hosted at St Ignatius College in Adelaide.

Thomas Paparo - Debating Captain