Year 12 News

Last Friday the students enjoyed their final experience of John XXIII Day. The Year 12 students participated in the long standing tradition of the 'running of the colonnades' and did so with pride and pizazz! From a spectator's perspective, the students really did put in their finest efforts. Generally they started off at a neck breaking pace and by the time they finished they looked completely exhausted and out of breath. The distance of the course was grossly underestimated by most. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the vast and beautiful grounds that we are blessed to have. Congratulations to Klara Relota and Mateo Relota who came first in the girls and boys race respectively. Klara actually broke the record for the girls race. They were closely followed by Keaton Ebeling and Jessica Byrd, and Leon Pearton and Annie Kenny placed third. Well done to all!

Another tradition for John XXIII Day is the viewing of the SRC video. Tim Bonser and various other members of the SRC dedicated hours to the filming and production of this fine 24 minute video. It was well received, in the spirit it was intended, by the College community. The video can be viewed below:

A sense of community is one of those basic essential human experiences, an awareness of one's connection to others, which we need for our well bring. The John XXIII Day Mass, stalls and variety concert provided an opportunity for students and staff to experience this basic human yearning first hand. It was a lovely day enjoyed by all.