Murdoch University is inviting students in Year 11 or 12 in 2014 to apply for the 2014 WA Science and Engineering Summer School. This is a six day residential science experience for students. Students can apply on-line. The cost is $500 and includes accommodation, meals and travel for field trips. Applications close on 30 August. If you have any queries, please contact me or the university through the on-line address.

All Magis Clubs have resumed in the aftermath of examinations. The third round of Mock Trials takes place on Thursday 27 June. Meetings are at 7.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings in X10. Philosophy Club is meeting on Friday at lunch time in X10 and Media Club will meet on Mondays at lunch time in X10 and film after school on Friday. The 23rd Word committee meets on Tuesday at lunch time in X10.

On Thursday this week I chaired a panel discussion at Curtin University on; The ethics of Stelarc's practice. Science and Responsibility. The panel members were Oran Catts, from the University of Western Australia, Joanna Zylinska from the University of London, Stephan Millett from Curtin University and Stelarc. Needless to say the discussion about ethics, universities and science was fascinating and reiterated those basic philosophical questions; "What is it to be human?" and "How might we live a good life?" These questions are explored weekly in our Philosophy Club and year 8 Philosophy classes.

The College Astronomy Club is meeting this week at 5pm on the oval. It is good to make the most of the opportunity to see Venus, Mercury and Saturn. You will need warm clothes if you want to attend, evenings are cold.


Again a number of new books are on display in the Library. Included in this display are a number of new poetry books. I encourage students to come and browse. They might also make suggestions for new books. I am currently reading Michelle De Kretser's new novel, Questions of Travel. Weaving together two narratives, the novel explores very different lives, places and stories. I am only forty five pages into the novel, but already captivated by the beautiful, imaginative writing.

Alice Chaney, Year 8 student and recently appointed Library Monitor, recommends; I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you, by Ally Carter. This is a novel in the Gallagher Girls series. Alice says that the book is for mature teen readers, easy to read, and full of twists and turns. She says, "it is really, really good, a spy thriller with a love interest".

Alice Chaney - Year 8 Library Monitor

Beginning next term we will be open until 6pm on Wednesday afternoons for year 12 students. I will be available to support students with their homework and study. I encourage our senior students to make the most of the opportunity to improve their study skills. In the meantime, we are very happy to help readers of all ages find something to read in our Library, or help students with research and homework.

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator