On Saturday morning during Open Day I had many inquiries about our gifted programs at the College. It would take some time to list the diverse offerings we have for gifted students, however an explanation of the way in which we approach meeting the needs of our students might be helpful. In the first instance Magis serves all the students in the College. In relation to gifted students an excellent example is our cutting edge Year 8 Philosophy program. All Year 8 students study one term of Philosophy. Philosophy is regarded as the quintessential intellectual extension for students. To add to this, specifically for gifted students, we run a Philosothon, a Philosophy Club and coach a team of students for the Hale Philosothon. We also send students to the Gifted Student Conferences when they run in Perth. In Term 4 we run a critical and ethical thinking workshop for gifted Year 8 students from our College and other Catholic schools. Furthermore, we will host a Magis Carnival for gifted upper school students from the Catholic Schools network in June.

This is but one example of how we work to design a program for all students that is also tailored for the gifted. Similar programs run in science, maths and the humanities and I am really happy to discuss this with parents at any time. The work we do at the College for our gifted students is unique and innovative. In acknowledgement of this I have been asked to present to a secondary gifted network meeting in April. The participants are very interested in both our approach to supporting gifted education and in the programs I have developed. For example, Xavier College in Melbourne asked for the Year 8 Philosophy program I wrote in order to teach it at their College. The Primary Philosothon I wrote is also now being used in Victoria at their National Gallery. It is very exciting working with College staff to develop a variety of programs to help all our students reach their potential.

John XXlll College Astronomy Club



We are in the process of introducing Lexiles to the Library for Years 4, 5, 7 and 8. We are focussing on improving literacy skills and this is one means by which we hope to achieve this. Students are also being encouraged to form reading clubs. Year 11 students are already in the process of forming a club and any interested Year 11 students should contact me to join. The Library will provide the books and venue for students to meet, read and discuss their books.

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Library staff have been working to improve our web page. Essential information about our Library services is provided and will be updated regularly. The page has information about new books, how to use Overdrive, and clubs and activities housed in the Library. Go to:

Reading Theory

The Year 12 Reading Theory group met on Monday to begin working with Terry Eagleton's text, Literary Theory. Eagleton is able to make complex ideas comprehensible. Hopefully by the end of the school year our Year 12 students will have a sophisticated understanding of theory that they can use as an intellectual took box for their English and Literature examinations. Working together in a small group, much as they will do next year in university, is perfect preparation for the WACE. Any interested students can see me for a copy of the reading.

Dr Annette Pedersen
Magis & Ignatius Centre Coordinator