Gifted Education

A number of parents have contacted me over the past two weeks to ask about our Magis program and how it relates to gifted students. The detailed policy is available on the College website, but I include the Magis Vision here for those who are interested.


Magis is the Latin word meaning "more; to a greater extent," and is one of the core principles of an Ignatian education. All students need a learning environment that fosters well-being and learning consistent with their potential. Education should never be for self-centred purposes, such as to acquire personal power, material prosperity or success. Rather, it should be to help people develop into the integrated persons God intends, including as individuals who have learned to 'serve and be responsible for others'. The Magis program, in conjunction with the John XXlll Learning Enrichment Centre, works towards the growth of the whole person in relation to every student in the College.

John XXlll College is challenging students to achieve academic excellence by:

  • Empowering academically gifted students to achieve at their highest level
  • Maximising the potential of all students in Years 7 - 12
  • Making student academic achievement a priority

The College has a structure that acknowledges diversity, supports personalised learning and addresses the identified needs of underachieving students.

The College supports and challenges students to develop their potential in all domains.

The College affirms the dignity of each person and respects the right of all to learn and to grow by a greater recognition of broader education activities that support student learning.

The aim of this Policy is to maximise the education opportunities for gifted students at John XXlll College for the benefit of the individual student and the wider community. This is a gaining of knowledge in a spirit of service as is offered to all students. This learning environment should provide appropriately challenging enrichment, extension, acceleration experiences and support for all students, particularly gifted and talented students. In order to identify gifted and talented students to be supported by Magis, information is collated from a range of testing. Furthermore, Magis works with Learning Enrichment, Learning Areas and the Faith and Justice Teams to provide and support academic extension opportunities for all students at the College.

Senior Magis Scholar 2014

Congratulations to Mariah Mwipatayi who is our Senior Magis Scholar this year. Mariah represents the Magis vision and will provide exemplary leadership for John XXlll College students. This is an important role in mentoring our young people.

Mariah Mwipatayi

Philosophy & Media Clubs

Philosophy Club will meet at lunchtime on Friday 28 February in X10. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome. Students may bring their lunch and any questions they may have for discussion. I look forward to seeing many new faces this year. Media Club will meet on Wednesday at lunch time in X10. All students are welcome.


Next week, on Wednesday 26 February, the Library Lego Club for students in Years 5, 6 and 7 will begin after school in the Kooly Area. All students in these years are welcome. Study Club is also running on Wednesday after school. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome. Teachers are available for student support in their subject areas.

Dr Annette Pedersen
Honorary Research Fellow Faculty Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, UWA
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator