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St George's Cathedral Art Exhibition 2016

Year 12 ATAR Visual Arts students Maddy Murphy, Nichola Clarke and Ali-Rose Langer currently have their artworks on display in the annual St George's Cathedral Art Exhibition. Their beautiful artworks comment on issues that they feel strongly about in the world around them. Maddy’s oil painting Think Pink depicts a teenage girl deeply dissatisfied by the pressure felt to conform to the pink feminine stereotype so often placed on females. Nichola’s oil painting Self Portrait with a Pomegranate uses a pomegranate to symbolise the need for females to cherish their femininity and value themselves as unique individuals. Ali-Rose Langer’s photography piece Green Therapy presents a series of photographs mounted onto a handmade wooden ladder to represent the euphoria, peace and contentment that we are accustomed to feel when we immerse ourselves in the natural environment, and the raw journey one takes to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Well done to all three girls for having their artworks selected for exhibition.

Time/Date: 6:30pm Thursday 21 July 2016
Venue: St George's Cathedral
Entry: $20 standard, $10 concession, payable at the door

Time/Date: 10am-4pm daily, Saturday 16 - Sunday 24 July 2016 (12:00 noon opening on Sundays)
Venue: St George's Cathedral
Entry: Gold coin donation
Exhibition Catalogues: $15

Further information: or (08) 9325 5766

Ali-Rose Langer 
Green Therapy 

Maddy Murphy 
Think Pink 

Nichola Clarke 
Self Portrait with a Pomegranate 

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