From the Year Twelve Dean

Trial WACE and WACE Examination Slips

Individualised printed exam slips have been issued to all students sitting an examination in the coming Trial WACE, and WACE exams. Most WACE practical exam students have also by now received notification of their practical exam day, time and location. These slips are required to be presented at each exam for all Trial and WACE exams. Students who misplace their slip need to allow enough time before their first exam to come to Student Reception.

Exam Timing- Start Time is 'Reading Time'

It is important to remain aware that an exam scheduled to begin at a certain time actually commences official Reading Time at that point. Students enter the examination centre at least 15 minutes before that time so that individual seats can be found, slips signed and the Supervisor can read out the conditions. It is best to aim to arrive at the Exam Centre 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. It creates a real sense of anxiety and compounds nerves if a student arrives on campus to see that everyone has gone into the room already.

Parent Support at this time

Many Year Twelve parents are 'old hands' at WACE Exams and are great sources of advice and practical tips to help 'first timers'. Essentially the parental role at this pointy end of Year Twelve consists of providing lots of unwavering support and trust, cups of tea, and nourishing treats at all hours of the evening. You will be required to be the comforter of floods of instant tears, and will need to reiterate to your son or daughter daily that they 'are not their ATAR' and that no matter what happens, there is an amazing personal journey ahead for them. Occasionally you will need to say nothing, and recognise that watching an episode of 'The X Factor' or 'Bones' is exactly what is needed at the time. Best of luck - and contact myself, the school counsellors, or Homeroom teachers if you require some assistance and support for yourself and/or your child.

Valete Dinner Table Seating

Students (in Homerooms) are currently arranging the table seating for the Valete dinner following the Graduation Ceremony on Friday 25th October. Please don't forget to purchase tickets if you intend on coming to the dinner. Refer to the letter re Valete emailed two weeks ago for the Try Booking link.

Year Twelve Sign Out Sheets

All students have been issued with a Sign Out Sheet that will be countersigned by each course teacher and the library staff when all assessments are completed and resources returned. The Homeroom teacher will sign off on the locker being emptied and cleaned satisfactorily and the padlock returned. Students must return this form (completed) to Student reception by Tuesday 22nd October.

Year Twelve Shared Lunch/Barbecue

On Thursday 26th September, Year Twelve students are organising a barbecue for themselves to share on A-Block lawn at lunchtime. The cost (prepaid please) is $6 to cover lunch, drink and an ice cream and all Year 12s are welcome to come even if they bring their own lunch along. Any funds left over will be donated to Year 11 Pilgrimage fundraising. Student groups are encouraged to bring a picnic rug and enterprising groups of friends might bake a cake or some slice etc.

Sarah Hammond
Dean of Year Twelve