As you may be aware the Parent Association of John XXIII College has been initiating presentations and parent forums on a variety of inspirational topics since last year.

The final presentation that has been arranged for this year is by Mr David Kobler from Choicez Seminars. David has enjoyed a dynamic career as a full time youth worker and has extensive background in developing and addressing youth programmes.

The aim of the Parent Night is to encourage and affirm parents and introduce them to major trends and issues in youth culture and decision-making while providing concrete strategies for protecting, guiding and nurturing their children. David provides a thought provoking seminar on parenting, discussing some of the risks and pitfalls as well as strategies to deal with raising young people in this challenging society.

As noted on the attached flyer, the topics are issues that are facing our teens today, particularly in the area of sexuality. David's presentation will also draw attention to some fallacies the media sells to our young people regarding relationships.

As parents in the John XXIII College community, our aim is ultimately is to assist our children on how to be young women and men who achieve meaningful relationships now and in the future. David, through his work with Choicez Seminars, can assist us by empowering and equipping us to assist our children to make the right choices in life.

Due to the planning involved in any event hosted by the College, as well as the financial commitment made to secure such renowned speakers, it would be appreciated if the parent body could show their support. David has kindly reworked his schedule from July due to us securing Professor Bruce Robinson, and only visits Perth on a few occasions over the year.

Bookings are encouraged and the details are linked to the attached flyer. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at or by phone 0409 103628.

Shelley McGrath (Coordinator Parent Forums)
John XXIII College Parent Association