Dear Parents,

Congratulations to the 2015 Swimming Squad who represented our school at the Interschool Swimming Carnival on Tuesday afternoon at Newman College. The entire squad tried very hard and we are so proud of their efforts. The children were accompanied by our dedicated staff, Mr Alderman, Miss Gormley, Ms O'Donnell and a wonderful parent cheer squad.



This week 5G and Mrs Fontaine, Mrs Fry, Mr Edwards, Miss Joyce, Miss Gormley, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Das and Mrs Pearce enjoyed their time away from home at the Zoo. At today's Assembly we were entertained by the zoo campers from 5B. Thank-you to Mr Edwards for organising this 'zootastic' assembly.


Congratulations to our Merit Award Winners.


Next Friday, 27th March we will be celebrating Primary House Day. This involves the children participating in activities to learn about the founders of John XXIII and to commemorate the House to which they will belong throughout their time at the College.

The format of Primary House Day includes:

9.00 am 'House Day' Mass

All parents are welcome to join us in the Chapel.

11.00 am - 12.00 pm House Day activities

12.30 pm Picnic Lunch

1.30 pm - 3.00 pm Fun and fitness activities

On this day, the children are required to wear their House shirt and sports shorts. They will need to bring a snack, lunch and a water bottle. A special cupcake will be provided at recess.

Next week our Parent/Teacher Meetings will begin. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to ask questions and to clarify and listen to how your child is interacting socially and emotionally with others, as well as how they are progressing academically. The important thing to remember is that all staff have your child's very best interests at heart. Teacher feedback is very valuable to discerning parents. When you demonstrate to your child that you really value, respect and support their teacher, it immediately makes them think and take notice! The best thing a parent can do is to calmly discuss the area of concern with their child, listen to their challenges and offer some good advice, as well as support them to set positive goals for the future. This is all part of growing up and learning!

Kind Regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary