Loreto House Water Fun-Run for Caritasfun-run-pic.jpg

Loreto House staff and students embarked in a water fun-run on Thursday 12th March. The idea was to raise funds for Caritas Project Compassion and also awareness that 1 billion of the world's people do not have access to clean water. It is mainly young woman and girls who have the task of collecting water for their families in these developing countries where subsequently they miss out on education. Our challenge was to run/jog/walk the 6km average, these people have to face daily whilst undertaking a water competition between our six vertical groups.

Loreto House students raised a whopping $3809.65 on the day and donations have now exceeded $4000. Well done to all Loreto students who graciously participated and for many thanks to all the individuals and families who generously donated to such a worthy cause. The Homeroom Group monetary and student year winners are listed below.

Year 7 $691 (Shaila Miranda $330)

Year 8 $ 921.95 (Eloise Levy $200)

Year 9 $ 647.10 (Miles Lockwood & Anthony Stout $60)

Year 10 $ 450.90 (Eliana Peretti $40)

Year 11 $ 484.60 (Sam Marchese $100)

Year 12 $ 614.10 (Maddi Beers $120)