Year 8 Newsletter 20th February 2015

Year 8s have made a wonderful start to the 2015 academic school year. We have been busy settling into classes and the routines of a new timetable and courses. From all accounts students are working hard and making the effort to participate and be fully engaged in class work.

Guest Speaker

We were very privileged to have Luke Ryan an Alumni member who came to our assembly last week to talk with Year 8 and 9 students and staff about resilience. Luke who studied law and then went into comedy shared his story with us. This incredible young man certainly has demonstrated resilience in his life as he has had two serious brushes with cancer one when he was in year 8 and then another in his early 20s. Both were different forms of cancer. His first bout of cancer resulted in Luke having to wear shoes that are built up. Luke used humour to tell his story and as he said it is his way of managing what he has had to endure. He added touches of serious comments about making the most of your life, getting up and facing what the day holds for you and being the best you can be.

Luke is here for the Fringe festival and the Writers festival where he will be presenting. It was interesting to hear some of the students tell Luke that they had read his book 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo'. One young girl said she had encouraged her parents to read it. I encourage you to speak with your children about this very inspiring young man.

I am grateful to Ms Gingell (Alumni Development Officer) for asking me last year if I'd like to have Luke as a speaker.

High Achievers Breakfast

We also celebrated the High Achievers Breakfast on Monday morning last week. This event is based on results from semester 2 reports from 2014 whereby students had met the criteria of high achievement in their courses. Congratulations to the following students: Samuel Alvarez, Eloise Budimlich, Ella Fracaro, James Hackett, Brianna Judge, Sashi Tandon, Dara Fournier, Michael Low, Rory Hewson, Alistair Laing, Gabrielle Seah, Caitlin Cawdry Skead, Imogen Beckwith and Karl Maluga. I hope we all continue to strive to do our very best in all our courses.

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all Year 8 students who participated or assisted with jobs in the carnival on Tuesday.

It was fantastic seeing the Year 8s get involved in the events and cheers their mates along. I was very proud of the participation and enthusiasm displayed by the students. I know my House St Louis did their best and I know they cheered their little hearts out because my ears were still ringing when I went home. I look forward to seeing the 8s getting involved in all the other inter-house activities.

Parent Night

Thanks to parents for your attendance at the Year 8 Parent Night. It was good to meet some of you. I look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year. The power point will be made available to you on the website this week.

Gemma Wooltorton
Assistant Deputy Principal Year 8