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'Family focused, parish-based, catholic school-supported'

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?

If you have not already done so, you will need to enrol your child for the Sacraments in your home parish.



Where can I get an enrolment form?
Enrolment forms are available from your parish, and in some cases from the website of your parish. Use the drop down box at:
forms from some parishes may also be found on the College website at this link:

What do I need to take to enrolment?
Relevant earlier certificates - eg Baptism, Reconciliation etc.

Do I need to enrol my child for classes in the parish?
Yes - you need to enrol your child to celebrate the sacrament in the parish, although your child will receive instruction through the Religion program here at the College. Each child is given a certificate from the College, after completing the program, and most parishes will request to see that.

I have heard that in my parish all students have to attend classes, even if they go to a Catholic school.
Yes, each parish is a special and unique community. Some parishes MAY request that students preparing for Sacraments (including students from Catholic schools) attend parish classes or retreats. Check with your own parish for further details.

I would like some further information; who can I ask?
Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison -

Is your parish one of the following?

The following information may assist you.

For enrolment forms please download from this link:
Further information please contact Michelle Rapkoch at: or 0405556026.

Enrolments Close - Friday 27th March
First Communion - Sunday 7th June, 9:30am
Confirmation - Thursday 3rd September, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st October, 3:30-4:30pm.
Contact - Silvia Kinder -

Enrolment Day - Tuesday 24th February, 3:315-5:30.

Enrolments Close - Friday 20th February
Parent Information Night (Compulsory) - Wednesday 11th March, 7:00pm.
First Communion - 27th & 28th June, 9:30am
Confirmation - 13th & 14th June, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Wednesday 17th June, 4:00-5:00pm.
Contact - Prue Pupazzoni - or 9387 1158

To enrol your child, please see information on Parish noticeboards or Parish website:
: or 9386 1870

Confirmation Registration - Tuesday 10th March, 4:30pm, Upper Room.
Contact - Bart Welten - or 9381 0400


First Sunday in Lent :(Mark 1:12-15)
The following reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is from Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Andrew is Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.

Many of us have faced big, life changing decisions in our life. Marrying, moving out of home or out of our country, leaving a secure job to follow our dream, retiring to devote ourselves to voluntary work are just a few of them. Such decisions often make us anxious so that we need to deal with our inner demons.

Today's Gospel shows Jesus confronted with this kind of decision. He was called from being a private citizen to a public life of preaching that God's time had come. The Spirit of God who had called him drags him into the desert.

The desert was a lonely place without distractions, where you were left alone among snakes and scorpions, with your thoughts and fears and addictions. It was the place where demons preyed on you. You quickly got rid of any sentimental notions and asked yourself whether you really wanted to follow your dreams and what really mattered to you.

It was right for him to go into the desert - God's Spirit led him there to test his purpose. So at the end of his time there he began to preach confidently about the need for the change of heart needed to hear the Good News. To repent is to be changed completely, to have your heart turned around so that you see things in a quite different way. That is what the time in the desert did for Jesus. He knew what mattered and its discovery filled him with joy, as he knew it would do for others.

We hear this Gospel at the beginning of Lent. It is also a time to ask ourselves what matters in our lives and to open ourselves to hear the Good News that God has joined us in Jesus, shared our troubles, and died and rose for us. It is a time to rediscover the joy of the Gospel and to renew our following of Jesus.

Like Jesus we often discover what matters through testing experiences - through loneliness away from home, through sickness, through the death of people we love, or failure in what we desperately want to do. The Gospel reminds us that it is the Spirit who leads us into these hard times when God seems far away, and that God is with us as he was with Jesus. They can also lead us to focus on what matters and to find the Good News of God's presence.

At Jesuit Social Services the young people we meet have often entered terrifying deserts where their demons play wantonly. Abuse, addiction, homelessness, disadvantage of all kinds. If they come through it their experience can make them a great gift to others who pass through this desert. And to accompany them is a privilege, helping them to see what matters and to reconnect with the world from which they were cut off.


Next Friday - 27th February - Koolyangarra House will lead our Community Mass, and all Kooly families are especially welcome. During Lent, some people consider attending the Friday Community Mass as part of their spiritual journey for this season. If you are new to the school, please consider yourself warmly invited to our 'user-friendly' joyous Mass. If you have any questions, please contact:

Where: Chapel
Time: 8:00am - 8:30am
When: Fridays in term time