Year 9 Social

Gemma Wooltorton - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 9

The Year 9 Social was held on Tuesday 28 June in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. Our wonderful staff team, Jeff and his assistant Daniel, along with the help of Doug, turned the area into a place to host a dance. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful staff members who assist with setting up of such events. Maddie Allerding, our SRC Events Captain, along with her merry team of helpers decorated the space and supervised the food and drinks throughout the night ensuring that there was plenty for everyone. Our Year 9 Homeroom team: Ms Tesesoria, Mr Platts, Mr Thompson, Mr Tremayne, Dr duPlooy and Ms den Haan and Dr Pedersen ensured names were ticked off, behaviour and fun was had by all.

Thank you to everyone who made the night a huge success. The dance floor was pumping throughout the night. Students were really getting into the groove. Thank you students for your participation and to parents for supplying the supper and drinks.

Charlie Smith
The Year 9 social was a great hit this year. The NAS students arrived just in time to share the good night and took home some victories. This year's social was a time to share good food and have a dance and catch up on conversations. I think this year's venue was a great choice because of the high quality of acoustic dampening and getting to have the food inside out of the rain which was an improvement from last year. I would like to commemorate all the teachers and students who gave up their night for our personal enjoyment particularly the Year 12s who had an assessment the next day. James says "this year's music was great and I loved 'turn down the what'.

Grace Thomas
This year, the theme for the Year 9 social was black and white. Everyone dressed a little different and there were some great costume ideas such as Paul's skeleton costume, Dan's batman costume and Cleo's nun costume. It was set up by Jeff and Daniel, our sound and lighting engineers, and the SRC who turned the Thomas More Exhibition Centre into a social venue that looked great creating an atmosphere for a fantastic night. There were lights and balloons around as well as smoke machines and a colourful, flashing disco ball creating amazing lighting. There were lots of song requests and the music was good. At first everyone was just standing around but eventually everyone started dancing and having fun. Everyone started out in small groups but eventually merged and started dancing together. It was a great way to catch up with people you hadn't seen in a while. Overall I think it was a fantastic night and was a great last social.