St Louis House Day

Jodi Power - St Louis House Coordinatorstlouis_shield.jpg

On Thursday 30 June, St Louis students celebrated their House Day at John XXIII College. Over the past week we have been reflecting on the life of our patron St Aloysius Gonzaga. This included a quiz on St Louis during homeroom, with Year 12 students proving the most knowledgeable, just ahead of Year 8.

On St Louis Day we shared a lunch in the TMEC. We also celebrated some of the outstanding contributions from St Louis students so far this year. Homeroom teachers and other House staff were asked to put forward the names of students who had made an extra effort in regards to Homeroom time or House spirit.

The following students were awarded a St Louis award:

Year 7
Ella Naismith
Lucas Limnios
Joel Smith

Year 8
Ashleigh Smith
Frankie Rowsthorn

Year 9
Harrison McNeilly
Daniel Lloyd

Year 10
Bethany Brearley
Sasha Raschiatore

Year 11
Sophie Mather
Edward Cranfield

Year 12
Therese Guerrera
Mairead Chapman

The celebration culminated on Friday with a special focus at the Community Mass on Saint Aloysius Gonzaga and St Louis students were involved in the Mass.

It was a pleasure to see all students involved and enthusiastic in our House Day celebration. A special mention must be made of the House staff and our various student leaders for their help in organising the day.

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