Host Families for our Japanese Exchange Students - Urgently Needed

We urgently need a number of host families for our lovely Japanese Exchange students arriving in Week Two and Three of Term Three. I urge all families across our whole community to please consider offering accommodation and food for just two weeks (only one weekend) to our visitors from Japan. The girls are here to learn a little about life in Australia and practise their English skills, so don't feel shy if you can't speak Japanese.

Please consider this wonderful experience to share your family and home with someone from abroad and engage with someone from another culture and language.from Sunday 26 July to Saturday 8 August. Please read the attached letter for more information and then complete the Host Family Application Form and return it as soon as possible to the Languages Office or Student Reception.


Year Five and Six Students get a real tastes of Japan

Last week the Year Six students were treated with an opportunity to enjoy many aspects of Japan, the language, the culture and the food. They visited the Hyogo Cultural Centre with Aghdasi Sensei, Ms Talea Graves and Nozomi Sensei. The students were fully engaged in researching Hyogo Prefecuture (Western Australia's Sister State) playing traditional Japanese games and interviewing Japanese people. They were able to see a traditional Japanese room, write calligraphy and eat a traditional Japanese lunch or obento.

In addition, the Year Five students recently went to the delicious Japanese restaurant called Cheers in Subiaco. They were able to practice their Japanese etiquette and expressions for eating and drinking whilst enjoying a teriyaki chicken lunch.

A big thank you to Aghdasi Sensei for organising these wonderful excursions and to Mr Andrew Edwards, Ms Teresa Fontaine, Ms Talea Graves and Nozomi Sensei for accompanying Sensei and our lucky students on these excursions.

Shane Glass - Head of Languages

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