Magis News

Magis students have been busy over the last few weeks. Having completed their exams other activities have been demanding time. On Friday last week our Year 11 students had their Dinner/Dance. Magis Captain Sophie Minissale DJ'ed the event. Sophie had everyone on the dance floor and is to be congratulated on a brilliant job.

Also last week four of our Year 6 students attended the Art and Philosophy Day at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The program Lisa Young, AGWA Education Officer, uses is one we developed for gifted students some years ago. The Art Gallery runs two events every year using our program.

On Wednesday this week our Year 9 and Year 12 Magis History Group worked together to compile a report for the end of term. The Year 12 students spent a very fruitful morning at the State Library. They completed some excellent research they shared with their younger collaborators later in the day at the College.

Jo Spencer and Sebastian Engdahl researching

On Thursday afternoon we held a Magis carnival.

On Friday morning the Magis Mass took place.