Year 7 News

Please enjoy some of the highlights of our recent weeks.

Year 7 Social

A great night was had by all at the Year 7 Social, thanks to so many. Jaime Slabbert coordinated the SRC in planning, preparing, decorating and leading the night. The enthusiasm of the SRC was so contagious and many were soon joining in the fun of dance and good company. The MAGIS group of sound and lighting technicians provided a wonderfully NEON atmosphere.

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Gala Music Concert

The Year 7 students were treated to an evening of impressive musical performances from the College's finest soloists and ensembles. The Year 7 Masses Voices presented a stunning performance at the John XXIII Gala Music Concert with Ms Kath Alexander conducting the group of about 200 students. Thank you to Ms Alexander for her vision and enthusiasm in inviting the Year 7 students to be part of this event. The students sang:

1: You're the Voice - Qunta, Ryder and Thompson, arr. David Lawrence

2: On Top of the World - Reynolds, McKee, Sermon and Grant, arr. Roger Emerson

With accompanying musicians:

Guest Piper: Dylan Fletcher (Scotch College)
Piano: Mr Peter Johnston
Electric Guitar: Samuel Luckas
Bass Guitar: Isaac Reynolds
Drums: Jack Seah



Science Talent Quest

Congratulations to Patrick Robson. Patrick has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Science Talent Quest. Patrick presented his impressive entry on:

Aim: The aim of finding the effects of salinity on the germination of plants is to find out which plants grow best with the presence of salt out of the four seeds and also to find which amounts of salt is best for the plant.

Hypothesis: From what I have previously learnt at school my estimation is that the seeds getting watered with the pure water will grow the fastest and will be the best quality as salt slows the growth of a plant, dries up the water given to the plant and kills the leaves of the plant. I also estimate that the broccoli will grow the best in salty soil as after some research, I found that broccolis grow well in soils that contain salt.


Service Learning

Most students have now submitted their Service Learning records with a most rewarding collection of experiences. Mrs Negus received an email from a library volunteer from the broader community, expressing appreciation of the volunteer work completed by one of our students.

'I want to thank you for allowing me to work with one of your young students as part of the community volunteering program. I am a volunteer myself at the Royal Western Australian Historical Society and I had the pleasure of working with Lukas Hagemann over the past three weeks each Friday afternoon. Lukas gave me faith that there are lovely young people out in the community who are willing to give their time in a positive way. What I really appreciated about Lukas was he gave me the impression he had come to work with me and he did this in a positive way - he smiled a lot as he quickly went about the tasks I had for him. In future years I would be very glad to have Lukas as part of my team!!'

The Year 7 Service Learning Program aims to:

 Engage students in responsible and challenging actions for the common good.

 Provide students with structured opportunities to grow and learn from their generosity.

 Find God in all people and in all things.

 Build Compassion, Conscience and their Commitment to God through Service.

 Find strength in living the motto 'Men and Women for Others'

 Provide opportunities for reflection

Well done to all Year 7 students for achieving these goals, with a smile on their aces.

In her reflection Aislinn wrote:

'I thoroughly enjoyed working at these services. They taught me a lot of new skills and helped me work harder at what ever I do. I am looking forward to completing more services like these in the future.'

In his reflection Lily wrote:

'I enjoyed the fact that after you did some service learning you felt really good about it and it made you want to do more.'

In her reflection Shenae wrote:

'I found out that just helping someone a little bit can really mean a lot to someone and I enjoyed making them feel that.'

RuOk Day

All students presented RUOk posters as a result of reading about Mental Health and RUOk Day on-line and learning key strategies. The inter-class competition was judged by Homeroom Leaders and Ms Eva-Maria Catina. The winning posters were:

y07-tyson.jpg y07-nguyen.jpg 200x266-y07-lucas.jpg
Emily Tyson Emily Nguyen Madison Lucas
y07-melbin.jpg y07-thompson.jpg 250x187-y07-broderick.jpg
Arlea Melbin Eliza Thompson

Zoe Broderick

Mrs Sue Benson - Assistant Deputy Principal: Year 7