From the Principal

Dear Parents

This week I wanted to provide an update of our progress during the year of "noticeable improvement". As you would be aware we started the year with 6 focus areas that came from the MMG Survey results and the College Strategic Plans. They are

  • Academic Rigour
  • Mission and Charism
  • Sport
  • Staff Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Publicity and Communications

At the beginning of Term 2 the College Leadership Team reviewed our progress and highlighted areas we must continue to strive to improve.

Academic Rigour

  • Very good results from the Class of 2011 gave the College great focus and energy at the start of the new academic year. The celebrations of "High Achievers" at an assembly and featured in "Heritage" were seen as positive signs to the community that this aspect of our College is highly valued.
  • The introduction of Information Nights for every Year level from Kindy to Year 12 was well received. The feedback we received suggested that Parents valued hearing the clearly articulated expectations of the College regarding academic endeavour. The information nights also provided crucial information for secondary students regarding MAGIS, Learning Enrichment and SIMON.
  • Excellent attendance at the Parent/Teacher nights indicated high levels of support and interest from parents for all year groups.
  • Excellent attendance at Parent/Teacher nights indicated high levels of support and interest from parents for all year groups.
  • Staff and students are preparing very seriously for exams Year 8-12. The introduction of Semester exams for junior secondary students is to improve organisational skills , study skills and to reduce exam phobia.
  • The extension of Library hours has added greatly to the study ethic in the College. Each afternoon up to 150 students have been using the library to study and complete homework. Senior students are taking advantage of the supervised Library opening up to 7pm each night leading up to exams.
  • The NAPLAN results from 2011 have recently been publicly reported and John XXIII College certainly featured very positively.

Mission and Charism

This area is a very strong focus of the Strategic Plan and much has been accomplished.

  • A new sub-committee of the College Council has been established and this group will report regularly to the whole Council. This will mean every Council meeting a report will be received and discussed ensuring this crucial area receives the attention it deserves.
  • The Bishops of Western Australia have refreshed their Mandate letter and staff are working through this document. Parents can download the letter (it really is more a small book) at this link
  • In this the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, the staff will participate in a 2 day staff conference in July on Blessed John XXIII and Vatican II.
  • One of the Quality Catholic Schools modules the College is completing this year is Mission and Vision. This will involve a review of many related areas of the College's operation.


The College has commenced a review of Sport. The Committee is chaired by David Hatt, has parent and staff Representatives and is working through the following terms of reference:

1. Audit sporting opportunities offered to current students

  • Through programs offered by the College
  • Through programs offered by affiliated Clubs

2. Review data sourced from MMG parent Survey regarding Sport at John XXIII College

3. Analyse data of "participation in sport" of students at John XXIII, K-12. This will include activities offered by school, private coaching, community sport and recreation within the family.

4. Examine adequacy of facilities and budget for resourcing a comprehensive sport program from K-12

5. Explore partnerships with community groups to establish sport's coaching and competition opportunities for students of the College.

6. Suggest new communication and publicity strategies which would assist in promoting the efficacy of sport at John XXIII College.

  • This report will be delivered to Council in mid August.
  • The College has had a very successful 1st Term in Sport including winning the B Division Swimming Carnival, Participation in the National Rowing Championships, the extension of JTA Hockey into school age teams, strong pre-season training for Cross Country, the grading and selection of 22 Netball teams for the new season, very successful NAS summer competition.
  • The progress of the Gymnasium building project. There is great anticipation of the new facility and the new possibilities this will bring to the Sport/PE program K-12.

Staff Wellbeing

  • Recognising that staff quality is a very big element in school effectiveness, the College has embarked on a program of initiatives designed to promote the physical and emotional care of all staff. This year has seen many staff sign up for physical activities before and after school hours; professional development courses on emotional wellbeing such as the highly regarded COVEY program have been offered to staff and vaccinations for flu offered to all staff.


This is a major commitment in the Strategic, Master and capital planning of the College. Projects achieved so far include:

  • The installation of "smart" airconditioning and sustainable climate control measures in the Primary school and D Block. This leaves only 2 Blocks in the Secondary College to complete.
  • Raising the profile of recycling in the College by organising composting bins, battery recycling and trying to discourage students from treating uniforms as "disposable" (ie by trying to reunite lost property with owners!)
  • The visit of Captain Cleanup to promote his famous slogan "binners are winners". While this has had a short term impact we are still challenged by the amount of rubbish discarded by students in the yard. Several initiatives are being trialled including different bin styles, using rostered classes and dismantling "yard duties" to promote the reality that putting your own rubbish in a bin is everyone's responsibility.

Publicity and Communications

The Strategic plan highlighted the need to promote the achievements of the College in an authentic way. This year much has been accomplished in this area including:

  • a very successful Open Day in March which showcased our students, staff and facilities.
  • a new look website and a dedicated staff member to maintain accuracy and currency.
  • a new look Newsletter linked to the website.
  • a new look Style Guide to bring consistency to our electronic and paper based communications.
  • the Parents' Association have generously funded an electronic sign that will be constructed on John XXIII Avenue. This will be used to highlight celebrations and achievements as well as important notices. We are currently finalising Council permission before installation begins.
  • The area where we continue to have had only partial success is the wearing of our uniform by all our students. We will continue to challenge students to do the right thing.

Throughout the remainder of the year we will further our objectives in each of these areas.

Together let us Seek Justice

Yours sincerely

Anne Fry