Year 8 News

Year 8 Retreat Day 15 June

The Year 8 students were recently involved in a Retreat Day where they were given the opportunity to focus on the theme of Social Justice.

One session was facilitated by a team of 10 young people from the NET Ministries who worked with students to explore various issues and historical leaders who have modelled for us a strong sense of social justice. Students were reminded of their own human dignity, the dignity of others and were challenged with the question of, "What action do I need to take in my own life and circle of influence?"

The second session involved listening to Scott Darlow who is an Australian singer/songwriter. Combining acoustic rock and heartfelt lyrics with the didgeridoo skills of his heritage, Scott spoke to students about his Indigenous culture and challenged them to help facilitate reconciliation and understanding. Scott spoke a lot about empathy as the foundation for any real change and challenged the students to take on attribute of his key word FLUTE- Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Empathy.

Rita de Faria - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 8

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