Mandorla Art Award

On Friday last week I was privileged to help judge this acquisitive award. Our Year 10 student, Julian Poon, won the Youth Award. While his work was outstanding I did step back from the judging with his work so there was no conflict of interest. I encourage everyone to take the time to see this important art exhibition in the Town Hall. It is the most important Christian Art Award in Australia. The exhibition travels to New Norcia at the end of the month.


On Monday night I met with the Australian Philosophy in Schools Association. We discussed the John XXlll College Primary Philosothon that takes place in 2013 in the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Members of the APIS Committee generously volunteered to help us with the Philosothon. I look forward to trialling this later in the year on a small scale.

Media Club

Students in the Media Club are extending their projects. Their latest fine effort can be viewed at:

Students will be working on documentary coverage of John XXlll Day on Friday.

Smoking Gun Seminar Hale School

Yesterday I took a small group of Year 11 students to Hale School for a gifted seminar examining philosophical arguments about God. Students listened to an intense presentation by Julie Arliss from Kings College. She presented the cosmological, ontological and experiential arguments about God. Students were encouraged to ask questions and consider which argument made the most logical sense to them. After lunch they worked in small communities of inquiry with students from 9 other schools to consider the questions Julie raised. It was a challenging and highly stimulating day. I was delighted on the bus back to John XXlll College to hear intense debate among the students as they considered the arguments they were presented with and the discussion by students from other schools.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator