Library News

The new computers in the Library are also working well now. Library Area 1, fitted with Macbooks, is a year 12 only study area before school, at lunch time and after school. Computer areas 1 and 3 are dedicated for year 11 and 12 class work. Media students in year 12 can also work in the Library. To support students preparing for their examinations, the Library is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 6pm for upper school students. It remains open until 5pm for all other secondary students.

The Library has launched our new theme for this term. All things Zombie are being celebrated. There is a wonderful display of books in the entrance to the Library. Students are encouraged to browse through these to choose some reading. Mrs Holmes has emailed students asking for their reading requests. Please send me any requests you might have for books you would like to see in the Library. We are delighted to have student recommendations for books.

At our Library staff meeting this week we decided to start a Library Monitor program. I will advertise shortly on Simon and in the Newsletter for applications for this job. Being a Monitor in the Library will also count for Community Service.