Year 7 Transition

Afternoon Club

Last Wednesday was our first opportunity to assist students with home learning, study planning and research skills. At Afternoon Club we encourage the students to ask for help. This week we had over 30 students working on an amazing range of aspects of their work. This was complemented by a Year 12 Maths student working with the Year 7s asking for help with their Maths homework. We look forward to many more Year 7 students meeting in the Library for Afternoon Club on Wednesdays. Year 7 teachers will be there to assist between 3:30 and 4:15.


All students are expected to wear hats to any outdoor classes, during lunch and recess. Students are asked to keep their hats at school in their lockers so they are available for any of these outdoor sessions.

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students and teachers for their enthusiastic participation in the swimming carnival. Great sportsmanship and team spirit was observed throughout the day.

Co-curricular Activities

Students are starting to join interest groups and embrace the opportunities available to them at John XXIII College. The groups advertised include:

  • Science Club
  • Jazz Choir
  • Astronomy Club
  • Media Club
  • Debating
  • Cross CountryTraining
  • Chess Club
  • Swimming training

Students are encouraged to study the Daily Notices to find the details of meeting times and venues for these activities. More clubs and groups will become available as the term and year unfolds.

Parents Welcome By The Pool

This evening was a special occasion enabling new friendships and old friendships to be nurtured. Thank you to the Year 7 parents, College staff and the Year 7 Parent Representative group for their support and attendance.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year 7