Year 11 News

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to parents who attended the Year 11 Parent Information Night. We had a great turn out. I hope it was informative and gave you an idea of the expectations of the College and the importance of Year 11 studies. Thanks also to the parents who emailed or phoned to let me know they were unable to attend.

Just a few key reminders that came out of the evening:

  • Uniform - Please ensure your son/daughter has the correct uniform requirements. Be aware that some girls may have grown out of their skirt. Please ensure that skirts are the correct length and that it fits them comfortably.
  • Mobile Phones - these are not to be used during school time. Unfortunately we have had a few confiscated even after being reminded. If a phone is confiscated then a parent will receive a phone call from the Dean and phones can be collected before 4pm. Be mindful that we can only call you when we are free and back in our office.
  • Punctuality - being on time to Homeroom each morning and classes. Making sure you are organised for class.
  • Behaviour - demonstrating respect at all times through the way we act and speak to each other.
  • Attendance - Swimming carnival compulsory event. If absent need to have a medical certificate.
  • Common Assessments - students will have assessments in their tutorial class times. All students in a given subject will sit the assessment at the same time. Some common assessments may occur after school. Please make yourself aware of the timetable that will be available in the next few days. Your support is paramount for these. A reminder a student needs a medical certificate for any absenteeism from assessments.
  • Assessment Policy - Students have received this booklet. This has been kept in line with Curriculum Council guidelines.
  • Monday 20th February - Workshop for Year 11s at school. Email will be out with details.

Thanks once again for your support. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Gemma Wooltorton
Dean of Year Eleven