Manresa 2012

Manresa is the Spanish town where St Ignatius Loyola stopped to pray on his way back from Montserrat in 1522 whilst on his Spiritual Pilgrimage. We see the Year 12 Retreat as a place where Students have an opportunity for spiritual reflection and planning in their final year of school. For them it forms part of their pilgrimage through life and faith, therefore aptly named 'Manresa'.

This year 168 students and 21 staff set out for Manresa at 4 different locations; Woodman Point, Serpentine, Swanleigh and Bickley. The students were guided through modules showing them their life thus far and who the people were with them on their life's journey and what place God has in their life. The second half of Manresa aimed to help the students make their plans for the future setting a pathway for their life.

Our Year 12 students have returned from Manresa with a definite knowledge of who they are, what they would like and what needs to be done to achieve this. Hopefully they will have returned with the knowledge that whatever plans they make, God will be standing beside them always.

Manresa Woodman Point Manresa Swanleigh
Manresa Serpentine

S ilvana Vicoli
Faith & Justice Coordinator